The true story of David Cameron the Water Voles and the Dredging

I follow Miles King and read his blogs with great interest. He does a lot of the digging around that I wouldn’t know how to do.

This is an example of just the sort of thing that gets me gripped – the responses to law breaking, the ‘who you know’ club at work, the ignorance of politicians amongst others. At the end of it all, the water vole and (invisible in this particular blog but well-documented by Miles King and others elsewhere) the barn owl….

Read on:this is Miles King’s blog post –

Some of you may recall that back in January I wrote about David Cameron’s Water Vole “epiphany”, in which he realised that wildlife didn’t need protecting and the Env…

Source: The true story of David Cameron the Water Voles and the Dredging

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I moved down from London to Somerset in 2013. The move was a big one – I’d previously lived and worked in London all my life. But what opportunities it has given me!

I’ve always been fascinated by nature, the environment, human impacts for good and bad, how to live lightly and sustainably. Here, I have more time to see, explore and think about things more slowly. In London, I saw and worried about many things – the disappearance of squabbles of sparrows in my garden, moth storms in evening lights vanishing, the swing of seasons change – but couldn’t find ways to gather my thoughts.

Here in Somerset, I can think more and read more. I follow lots of great bloggers, who have all opened my eyes and fed my interests and, most importantly, made me think!

This blog is really for my own interest, as a record of my own thoughts and actions, as well as reflections on all the blogs and articles I follow and stumble across. It’s also a stab at blogging!

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